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They took money from me for an art show submission and I never heard back

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One of the better places to start, for emerging artists leaning towards realism- Dacia has a program that’s more open than most, and there are a lot of group shows to submit to. They unfortunately go a bit overboard advertising for submissions, the only downside to Dacia is constant e-mails reminding you to submit work.
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One of the better galleries for emerging contemporary realism. Lee Vasu is open to looking at portfolios, and is always searching for new artists through open calls and receptions at his gallery. Dacia favors realism, so if you do something more experimental, this gallery may not be for you
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I've participated in several group shows at this gallery, and have had a very positive experience - Lee and Damien, the directors, are kind and unpretentious but professional. When paintings sold I got paid within a few weeks.
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