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This was such an amazing place - sorely missed in the tristate contemporary art scene. The ONLY place that focused solely on large scale installations despite NY's reputation. Rupert's vision was so cutting edge and generous that miracles were possible here! I'll never forget the openings, the spirit that he brought to Paterson. Hope he can find a new space!
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I am an artist who showed in several exhibitions at Rupert Ravens Contemporary.
The experience of working with Rupert was literally lifechanging. To begin with, he gave me a large space each time, encouraging me to make monumental sculpture/installation. These pieces have now become iconic in my oeuvre. I can never adequately express my gratitude for the experience of sharing innovative art with a bunch of topnotch artists who also worship at the shrine of lush, visual language. I'm pretty sure the gallery operated on vapor and everyone, artists, interns, and collectors, pitched in to make the fireworks happen. The gallery handled everything from art transport, to insurance, to financial infastructure with the utmost integrity and professionalism.
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Sold $10,000 of my work, then decided to keep all the money and not pay me my cut, ruining my next three shows. They've apparently done this a lot, moving every few years to avoid prosecution. AVOID.
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