Curious Matter

Address: 272 Fifth Street, Jersey City, NJ, 07302
Phone: 201.659.5771


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nice gallery
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The owners of Curious Matter are wonderful! I was in a group show of theirs that was well curated, the publication they created for it was great, they are nice, and there was a great turn-out at the opening. They advertise their shows as best they can. If the location were better, this would be a PERFECT gallery experience.
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I was in a group show of theirs a few years back, having found the invitation to apply on NYFA website. I hesitate to call it "juried" because it was a really thoughtful, well curated show. They solicit work based on a certain theme and do charge a small fee to apply or participate (I cant remember which). But I was really pleased with what they put together. They have a small space in Jersey City, the directors are clearly excited about art and are artists themselves. They put together a really nice catalog of the work with thoughtful essays about the work and the theme. They promote via their blog and invite local news to cover the show. Finally, most importantly, I found other artists at the same show whose work I really liked and have been following for years. So maybe not the best sales opportunity, but a really fun positive experience. The ratings are based on their small size, obviously they cant do the marketing larger galleries do, but the do a good job for their size/location.
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