Crossing Art Gallery

Address: 136-17 39th Avenue, Flushing , NY, 11354
Phone: (212) 359-4333


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Fuck this place they fuck people over fuck them. This place defines a piece of shit, if only a piece of shit was less useful and less pretty. If the world ended and this was the only gallery left, I would still write this same review of it. Did I mention fuck this place? Because that. Ok, so I finished grading the 1-5 section, and I gave it all 1's. And it feels pretty right. If you ever want to get fucked over though, you should go there, then this place gets a solid 5. If you're into that you'll be so happy you'll buy them a drink. You will be happy with your fuck-over service.
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Stay away from this gallery! I had the misfortune of working with them as a curator. The director Patrick was hired to expend and diversify the artist roster and that is how we came to work with that place. He did a great job in letting us do our job and catering to our needs. We got as far as having the show announced on their website two weeks prior the opening date before he had a meeting with the woman who owns the gallery (who’s been absent the whole time and was responsible for hiring the assistant director Patrick). By this time I had email blasted around 200 people inviting them to the show and had a nice blog promoting it.

This is when everything collapsed! I received an apologetic letter stating that due to internal conflicts the show was going to be canceled. I had a long talk with Patrick on the phone and felt bad that he had to be the bringer of bad news but it was out of his control and promised us a show later on. Just like that everything we had been working towards collapsed and Patrick was never heard from again and was possibly fired. My theory is that he tried to fight for the show and did his job by integrating new artists but since it did not fit into the status quo of inflexible taste they just decided to flake out last minute. I believe the person to blame is the executive director Yuqi Lee.
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