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Address: 114 Main Street, Greenport, NY, 11944
Phone: (631) 477-0700


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Matthew Salerno, Gallery Director contacted me, offering me a "headline show" during peak season at Terrence Joyce Gallery. Sounds incredible right?

14 emails later he sends me this BOLOGNA contract you would have to read to believe the terms. (See below)

Oh, and it's a fucking frame shop...

Artist Show Agreement
The Gallery thanks you for the opportunity to work together to exhibit your art. We will accept the pieces listed below and do our best to display and market them for the agreed upon retail prices . For each piece sold there will be a sharing of the sale as 50% to the artist ,and 50% to the gallery. The gallery requires a guaranteed minimum sales of $1000 per week, This guarantee will take the form of a $1000(per week) deposit payable at the signing and return of this agreement to save the dates below.
(A further explanation..If (for a one week show) $10,000 worth of sales are generated the artist will receive a check for $6000 15 days after the show ends . That is 50% or $5000 plus the $1000 deposit. If there are no sales the $1000 is nonrefundable and is used for the show’s expenses.)
We will provide space in this high traffic site on Greenport Harbor(32 foot wall with a moveable shelving unit that has 31” of hanging space on 2 sides). The hanging system is “hang Ups” to help installation go easily. There will be an opening reception on Saturday evening from 6 pm to 9 pm, with light refreshments,and possible live music.(more can be discussed by phone).
The exhibit will be announced to our targeted e mail client list ,on our website, our facebook site as well as an announcement with photo of a piece on East End Art Council ’extensive e mail blast. All these sites a linked to the Greenport Gallery Walk website and Greenport village.com.,which has been getting much activity since Forbes magazine ‘s April 2011 announcement that Greenport is one of the 10 most beautiful locations in the nation. A good quality digital image of one work will be needed in ample time to be part of all the advertising efforts.
Of course the hope of the artist and the goal of the gallery is to find homes for many of the works viewed and enjoyed.. To this end the gallery hopes the artist will also notify as many clients and friends of the show’s time and location to further help its success using your own e mail list or post carts with the same branding image the gallery will be using.
Hanging time for Saturday opening is 9-11 am Saturday. If any works remain ,pick up Friday after 10 pm or Sat 9-11 am. All works must be framed well in as consistant a framing theme as possible. In the interest of a beautiful and professional presentation, the gallery ‘s East End Custom Framing offers a 25% discount on framing and artist’s services for six months, beginning on the signing date, for all artists showing in the gallery.
Show Dates: Opening:____________ Closing: _______________
Name: ______________________
Address: _____________________
Phone: _______________________ e.mail______________________

Email: _______________________
SSN: _________________________

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