The alternator Gallery

Address: 421 Cawston Ave, Unit 103, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 6Z1 Canada
Phone: (250) 868-2298


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Art Handling 3
Art Knowledge 4
Payment 4
Marketing 3
Personal Management 3
Gallery Management 3


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they are much better now
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This review is based on experiences from years past under the former Gallery Director.

Gallery management was poor, with the gallery often not being open during it's posted hours, even while it occupying prime rel estate in the Kelowna cultural building. Event though it was next door the the buildings front desk the staff there never seemed to know about Alternator events or hours, or when the gallery staff would be back to open the dark gallery.

While the mandate (and name) of the gallery explicitly expresses an interest in showing "alternative art", the exhibition history from this time period is "safer" than most of the work hanging at the local coffee shop. While gallery vertigo in nearby Vernon has managed to survive for over 10 years without major government grants, the programing at the Alternator was painfully and obviously catered to what would secure grant money, and therefore staff jobs.

An exhibiting artist who shipped work from China, remained unpaid for months after a show.

Much of the grants money or jobs being distributed by the organization were conspicuously very often going solely to the directors and assistant directors friends or boyfriends.

As far as marketing went, most times the rest of the building, not to mention the rest of the community was unaware of what artist was in the gallery and artist talks were attended regularly by staff only.

THIS all being said, the gallery has made a major turn around with their recent hiring of a new Director and things look to be on the rise! I look forward and encourage others from the Kelowna Art community to review and post about their experiences at the NEW Alternator!!

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