Azarian McCullough Art Gallery

Address: St. Thomas Aquinas College 125 Route 340, Sparkill, NY, 10976
Phone: (845) 398 4195


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Art Handling 5
Art Knowledge 4
Payment 4
Marketing 3
Personal Management 5
Gallery Management 5


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Very nice people
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Small gallery within St. Thomas Aquinas College. Such sweet people work here! The management are so understanding, reliable, and nice, that it makes for a very easy and enjoyable experience to show work there.
The director is incredibly clear and upfront. Everyone is organized.

The downside obviously, is that it's essentially "in the middle of nowhere", and has no real clientele or collectors. It's so very anti-New York City, which is both great and bad. Great because the people are considerate and wonderful and actually really care about you, and your work. Bad because it's just not profitable, and not many people will see your work.

If you want a thoroughly enjoyable experience of just showing your work to young students in a university setting, it's very recommended.
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