Milavec Hakimi Gallery

Address: (212) 929-5949, New York, NY, 10003
Phone: 817-975-5488


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Art Handling 4
Art Knowledge 4
Payment 4
Marketing 2
Personal Management 5
Gallery Management 4


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If the art world had more dealers like Karen and Nikki, it would be a better place. They got their start doing pop-up shows a few years ago, later started their own space. They picked artists based on research and studio visits rather than pedigree, were honest and upfront, and worked really hard to promote the artists they represented. I worked with them when they were still getting started, and didn't have a lot of funding yet, so they couldn't pay for shipping, but I would highly recommend them to emerging artists.
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Milavec Hakimi was a short-lived but fantastic little spot for emerging artists. The owners were helpful and very kind.
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