White Box

Address: 329 Broome St, New York, None, 10002
Phone: None


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ive shown at this space several times,the real genius behind white box and other prominent galleries in new York is artist,curator,gallery director Isaac Aden
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It's a rental gallery and not a very professional one...
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Jaun (the owner) is about as manipulative, narcissistic and arrogant a person as I have met in my 32 yrs in NYC. He prays on persons (especially young woman-trying to impress them with his dried up old self) and taking advantage by asking them to do difficult work alone (cleaning out his basement, reorganizing 10yrs of neglected, piled up art and supplies for the gallery and his personal things he had to move in because his "girlfriend kicked him out).
Then not paying them.
He owes my friend $800.00!
She is a recent immigrant and can barely eat or pay her rent.

He's bad news. Bad for the art community.
Bad for any community!
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The (lack of) directorship and piss-poor management here has turned a (formerly) good name into a sad joke. It seems like most of the problem is with the very man at the helm--so unless a change is made there, stay away!
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I met this self important, tubercular little man in Kotor recently. He lectured me on how important he was and what he was going to do with the Dukley Art Center in Montenegro, but this begs the question, is he in exile? He talks of his power and ability but it seem to me that powerful capable individuals stay in NYC. I guess Marat Guelman sent him a lifeline, but is he now going to terrorize the art community here, or is he looking for another free hand out? If he is a womanizer, he is a bit long in tooth, and sure looks rather anemic and pathetic. Well, there are plenty of old ladies at the gallery, I wish him luck.
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This place is sad. Amazing cultural institution built by Juan Puntes, and now gone to seed because of the same. Back in the day when Juan had the energy, this place consistently put on great shows, now it's mired in bureaucracy, he's never sober, and most of his remaining energy seems devoted to womanizing and pretending White Box is still relevant. He's too burnt out to do a good job marketing, and leaves most of the work to the artists. If you're considering working with White Box - they still have a great brand, are still respected, but don't expect them to give you much except the brand.
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White Box seems to have a constant rotation of co-directors - the current one is none other than Ethan Cohen of ECFA- between his unbelievable flakiness and the innate flakiness of the director himself, it's amazing this place is still operating.
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Sometimes referred to as "the wealthiest non-profit in New York", Juan Puntes, the man behind White Box is a genius of sorts. He has figured out a way of finding a seemingly inexhaustible supply of grants and young female interns to keep his space going, and in the past White Box has put on some truly outstanding shows. Unfortunately, over the last few years it seems to be running out of steam, the quality of the shows has gone down, it seems like it's living solely on it's own reputation....
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