Mike Weiss Gallery

Address: 520 West 24th Street, New York, NY, 10011
Phone: 212.691.6899


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He was a good salesperson but that is it - the gallery is closed
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Does anyone know what's been happening to Mike Weiss Gallery this year? He's been dropping his best selling artists, taking on some really questionable stuff, and looks and sounds on the verge of a nervous breakdown, talking a mile a minute and ranting to visitors and his staff. Is the gallery changing directions, or is this a result of a substance abuse problem?
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Mike Weiss wouldn't have half his artists if he didn't steal them from Stefan Stux. He used to work as the assistant director there, left, opened his own space, and took anyone at Stefan Stux who was commercially successful with him. I wouldn't trust him further than I could throw a brick. No one is more famous than Mike Weiss thinks he is, but he does have a genius for salesmanship and a pretty good eye for artists. He is so fundamentally dishonest he might actually believe his own bullshit. He once told me a story about a show he filled with famous artists by telling each one separately that other famous artists had already agreed to participate (even though none of them had)...
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Mike Weiss the man behind the legend, could talk a used car salesman into buying a used car. Which could work either for or against one, but horror stories have been circulating about him for years. Firing an intern for not dressing provocatively enough, lying to collectors, trapping artists into five-year contracts that are nightmarish if their shows don't go well - you name it, he's done it.
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