Amsterdam Whitney Gallery

Address: 511 West 25th Street, New York, NY, 10001
Phone: 212.255.9050


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Art Handling 2
Art Knowledge 2
Payment 2
Marketing 2
Personal Management 2
Gallery Management 2


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Gave 3 stars because I havent exhibited with them but have communicated with them. Who knows, maybe they do handle art well and treat their artists well too. But to be fair they are a vanity gallery. I was contacted about being selected for a portfolio review and it looked scammy, Ask for a studio visit if youre that serious. But the big thing is i used to work with someone whose writing they plagiarized. Not sure the details but she was aghast. Combination of both experiences is shady and they hide that by their crazy personas.
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Keep away! they know nothing about art and will display the work of ANYONE who will pay! These people are living in their own fantasy world and are in no way connected to the New York art market.
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