Welcome to Gallery Confidential.

Founded in 2012, we are here to address a problem that seems ubiquitous in the art world – the imbalance of the artist/gallery relationship. We are committed to infiltrating the art world and bringing you the best and the worst of gallery/dealer behavior because we believe that this information should be public and available to all, not just an exclusive group of insiders.

Artists – please contribute your experiences, both positive and negative – it will prevent other artists from making the same mistakes, or at least let them know what they’re in for. There are honest, competent galleries out there and they deserve to be publicly acknowledged, there are also dishonest, incompetent ones and they deserve public reprecussions. Please stick to the truth - we want this page to be a resource, not merely a spot for the angry to vent.

Galleries – please feel free to talk back – if you feel you have been unfairly maligned, say so and present convincing evidence.

Our rating system:

Swamp monster
1.0~1.8 out of 5
Innsmouth Resident
1.8~2.6 out of 5
Angry Gnome in Tattered Suit
2.6~3.4 out of 5
Threadbare professor
3.4~4.2 out of 5
Gentleman scholar
4.2~5 out of 5

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